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Sunday, August 31, 2008


I know it is very easy for me to see weaknesses in other people than too look in the mirror.

Please don't mind me, don't mind what I am about to write.

Sometimes I found in the church a lot of phony-ness, hypocrite, mess up people.

Yes it is true that only the sinners need God. Or only the people who believe that they are a sinners need God. For other they can keep lying.

Still sometimes I could not stand the act of hypocrite and phony-ness. Like the smile, hugging things, small chats-warm chats thing, telling other they are caring about the other, etc. Come on. Don't say thing or act thing you don't really mean it.

Yes I am a sinner as well as a hypocrite. I did a lot of things, where people will ask me about my religion, and so on.
Yes I am bold. I say directly what I don't like for other people it looks like a stab to the chest. I don't stab from the back.

It is not that we supposed to be example for others. To be the light of the world. To help the other.

How can we do that, if we have a lot of liars. For me people who trick the government to get money, so they don't need to work, or to pretend to be very sick or ill so can be lazying around, is not a good example of people. People who tried to find any excuses so they don't need to do what they need to do like to find a job or even to do the job, that you are given for.

Complaining about the job their having. Or even do not want to do the job, try to find what they like, such as missionary. Come on. If the Guy up there wants you to do the job, He will show you, He will open the way. Do not push what you want to be His will. If you don't get the money enough from the job you are having. Then live according to what you have. I have been through a lot of things, a lot of difficult things. Do I cry out loud to anyone for this? I've done all type of jobs, from a not descent job until what I have now. I did that without annoying others.

Sorry for this rant. As I said I am also a hypocrite....

hear no evil see no evil speak no evil


this one takes a long prolog. 2 Stories led to my wisdom of a day.

1st story

well might be some of you have seen this funny movie. I guess most probably you don't. It is quiet old. It is about a blind and a deaf, who were witnessing a murder. The problem each of them had only a glimpse of the scene. The blind one smelled the parfum, the deaf saw the legs. Due to some coincidences, etc, they were pursued by the police and the murders. The police thought they were the murders. The murders wanted to know what did they know.
The film were shown in 1989 with Richard Pryor, Gene Wilder and Kevin Spacey.

2nd story

Martin Luther said you can preach about anything as long as it is not longer than 45 minutes. Well my preacher talk always too long. Sometimes i fell asleep. Sigh....
The story is about guarding ourself. What you say influences what you believe. What you read, hear and see influences your mind.

Coming back

Somehow the Guy up there trying to say something to me. What i feed into my life is the one that I will reap. I see, do, hear many bad things. I'd even made a lot of expensive jokes as well as dirty jokes. This has to be stopped.
What I plant (put into my mind) is the one what I wil reap. For that I will try my best.

bitter temp

this is really cool

Yes a life as a temp is not easy. But this woman faced it with her charm.
Sure I want to meet this lady. She's got to be a witty and a bit down to earth lady. And she is hell smart.

well here is the link. See it for yourself


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

South Ossetia and Abkhazia

Help me on this.
Possibly I have misunderstood this problem. :-D
So what is the problem of these 2 countries.
If they want to be independent. Let them be independent.
They have had referendum. Even with 95% involvement, and with 99% result. Why can't other countries accept this. Why western countries denied this?
I was thinking with East Timor Referendum, and its independence declaration, etc. All western countries supporting East Timor, but why can't they supporting these two countries now?
Is it because Georgia is joining Nato? That's why all western countries stand behind Georgia? Why many newspapers only said a bad thing about these independency declaration they had? Is this fair?

Highly possibly I don't see all with objective eyes. So please advise me on this.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

No more sex


a friend of mine has already 2 kids. And we were joking around about sex etc you know what men always talk about. If not sex than it is car or job.
So he told me the last time he has sex (complete with date and time) about couple of years ago. I was like "What"?
Well first never guessed that he will be so honest about this and never waited the statement like that.
Guess really priority does change, if you have family and kids. Things are different. The way you express your love, etc different. Some people even don't care anymore about their apppearance as before.
One of my other friends, so these ones are belonging to one family, i.e. husband and wife. They are always joking about me, that I am crazy about sport etc. For your information, they are really big compared to me. Can imagine like if my upper thigh like the size of the arm of blabla. They said well we are already happily married we don't need to hunt for a partner anymore. So we don't need to be like you. Blablablabla.
Although I don't agree what they said, well basically its their life. I do respect their way. But getting married doesn't mean to be laid back even more. This is not correct at all. Your body is to be taken care for. It is not only belonging to you but also to God and your family. I dont want to be look ugly for my partner after marriage. Just because Well I already married.......

they are my life

one of my team members is from France.
So french guy, a truly french guy.
He is very funny and very tall.
Anyway one day we hac a workshop. I gave them a quiz to know everything about everybody. In 5 minutes they had to collect all what they can about other people. :-D Quiet amusing.
One thing did struck me. When I started the quiz, which sounded like: how can you describe the guy in front of you with one word. The other colleague described this french guy with children. And it was right. Because he loves his children sooooooo much. He'd even say that his children were his life. His wallpaper laptop was a photo of his 2 daughters.
Wow amazing. Is it the way it is if you have a family, your priority changes suddenly. Your family is your number one.
So guys it is not only in Asian it is everywhere.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cursed meal Indonesian Independence day

the story starts as every year.
For most of you know, that on 17th we have our independence day. Although Holland until now do not recognize the independence day process hehehe. At least that what my holland colleague told me.
Calling my sis
P: Paulkun
S: My Sis

S: Let's go to the consulate.
P: ah it the same every year.
S: at least we can get food for free. Rice. Remember rice.
(For your information in this country is not that usual to eat rice every time. Especially when it is free. He hehehe. Damn Asian.)
P: Free rice and "Dangdut" (indonesian folk music with much wiggy wiggy and throwing hip everywhere). Seems as a good reason for coming.
S: But we won't come for the ceremonial bla bla bla thing.
P: for sure. (You think I am that crazy to stand for more than one hour to hear a guy talk and talk without looking to us, as he can only see his script.)
S: that should do it.

So we came 1.5 hour later. Then we had to stand in the queue for one hour. Sigh free rice came with a price. hik hik. Stop the pity party. Then we all happily watching the Dangdutters. Yeah shake it to the right shake it to the left. Went home. Happily ever after.

Thats what you wished for. Unfortunately at 3 am in the morning I had to wake up with a big belly. Like pregnant. Had to go to toilet many many many many times. It seems that we got curse for not behaving correctly in the independence day.

It turned out that many people suffered the same as I did. Somehow the "Rendang" (Indonesian gulasch) suffered from expired coconut milk. Might be to squeeze the budget they are using everything that still left. Huahahahahaha Damn you to "Ibu Dharma Wanita" or anyone who did cook this cursed meal.

I guess at that night all toilets from Indonesian people in this area were full occupied.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Vacation Part 5

Vacation Part 4

Somewhere in Thailand
will be updated

Vacation Part 3

to be continued

Vacation Part 2

ring a bell?
This was my second time to visit Bali. First one when I was 12 years old. Man that was ages. :-D
Yes I love beach. I love water. WARM WATER. I love laying on a beach doing nothing just read a book or sleeping. I love to hear the waves heating the rock.
I should put my shirtless picture here. :-D hahahaha

Vacation part 1

I think for Bangkok, everybody knows Khaosan Road.
So this one is dedicated only for Khaosan Road.

A quiet interesting road. The road was somehow created to fulfil the need of the backpackers in Bangkok.
Here I met a lot of people from different countries. Some people I got acquainted with were from US, Korea, Japan, Germany.
There are couple of hostels you can book there. The price is reasonable. I paid about 11 euros a night. You can get even cheaper. I was just too lazy to move.
The food. Wow. Can't complain at all. Especially with the price tag. For the food most of the time you can't bargain.
Clothes, accessories, etc. Here you have to bargain. Always start at least from 30% of the offered price. Some of them you can not really bargain. Example t-shirt. They have somehow a common agreed price between the sellers. :-(.