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Thursday, May 07, 2009

gua dianggap cowok murahan sialan!!!!

Nah gua lagi jalan sama temen gua orang bule nih.
Karenanya gua tulis bahasa indo, biar nggak ada yang bisa google terutama temen gua ini. Temen gua ini cewek umur sekitar empat puluhan. Kita janjian ketemuan di Bali. Oh yah sebagai background, kita pernah kerja bareng di salah satu kota di eropa, dan dia kerja sebagai salah satu bawahanlah.
Karena gua emang lagi demen shopping barang barang indo buat dekorasi appartment baru gua disini (cita citanya gua mau bikin appartment gua bener bener bernuansa indonesia. Karena kalau dihitung Euro barang di indonesia murah, gua belanjanya jadi buanyaaaaaaak banget. Ampe gua overweight di airport. SIALAN.), gua sama dia belanja di beberapa kota di Indonesia. Di beberapa daerah, ketika gua dan temen temen gua lihat-lihat barang, ada beberapa toko yang kita nggak belanja karena emang nggak ada yang disuka. Eh penjaga tokonya: minta Buklenya dong beliin, atau minta istrinya dong beliin. Gua yang langsung meledak-ledak.

Emangnya gua nggak bisa beli sendiri
Emangnya kalau gua jalan sama temen gua, anggapannya asia kalau jalan sama bule pasti dibayarin, agak agak kayak simpenan atau gigolo gitu.

Dan guanya langsung eh tolong yah gaji gua lebih gede dari dia, dan bahkan posisi gua lebih tinggi dari dia.

ARRRRGGGGHHHH orang indonesia gimana sihhhh

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Me humble. no way.....

Don't hate me because I am awesome. hehehehe
We were queuing for the food after the service. Look like in depressed time, where everybody has to queue for oil, rice, bread, like in the 50s? I hope my history teaching still has their mark in my brain. :-D. A friend of mind Andreas introduce me to a guy named David, do you know Paul, the awesome guy. He is working in X company, and nobody really know what is he doing, and very difficult to understand what is he doing, it is something with computer, strategy, etc. huahahahahaha
I don't care. the point is I am awesome. So people don't hate me for I am really awesome.

A friend of mine called me. Sophia her name. She said something like this. Paul it is really fun to have friend like you, you have good job, good knowledge, etc, etc, but you are very down to earth. I said: What did you just said? Me down to earth? Don't say that. I belong to the greatest people living on earth list, I am not down to earth. She said yes I am, cause I can eat cheap food go to very small restaurant on the street doesn't care have to be in the high expensive restaurant. I can be in the ordinary restaurant. I said: NO WAY. Don't put me in the same class with peasant people. I born to be rich and powerful. I am not ordinary people. I can eat there because I am stingy. STINGY I don't like spending money for f***ing expensive restaurant. It is not because I am humble!!!!!! Don't say that word. Oh a bad image for me. :-D

The 2nd part was really our conversation. But I need to correct many things. The real me is:

I am not humble to arrogant people, I will be even more arrogant than them
I love to be with people, for me everyone born as human being, there is no a better race, better class of people. We are all human.
I don't like to talk about how much I earn, what I have, etc. It is not something you need to brag for.

I was in my country last month, there a huge gap between the have and the have not. I ordered a BECAK driver for a day to drive me everywhere in one small city. And I had to drag him over inside the restaurant so he could eat with me on the same table. A country where there most of the time you have servant to serve you for almost everything. In my parents house we don't have servant, we have to do everything ourselves. It is okay. Nothing bad without having servants.

I could not see the poverty, I could not understand how poverty and the rich can stand together side by side there. A huge difference, a family living inside a cart (yes a cart what we called gerobak) and beside them is a very luxury over the top mall Pacific Place. This family could not even buy a single thing from that mall. It was really hurt for me to see that.

Yes I love buying good things, I love leather a lot, I have may be more than 10 leather bags, suitcases, etc. I bought that with my own money. Now everytime I am buying thing, I always reminded how much other people earn, it is good, it teachs me to be wise with the money, better to use it, where can be useful or even blessing to others.

Thanks for all things that You have given me. And led me to be a blessing wherever I am. Difficult, but I will try

What is with facebook

YES I am addicted to Facebook. You damn stupid program, you drive me crazy

sick for 3 weeks

the longest time ever for me to be sick. 3 weeks. Just after my vacation I got sick. I thought that I got infected with Swine flu. So I was hoping to be the first case of Swine flu in Europe, might be I would get my picture in the newspaper. There's my idea of publication.
Unfortunately I just got a normal virus, that makes me vomitting, coughing, sneezing a lot. I lost 3 kg I guessed. Hei see the silver lining, at least I dont need to work hard as many people to get rid of their belly pot. I still got my sixpack hehehehehe.