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Sunday, August 09, 2009

pastor said

what would you think if you knew that in 5 minutes you will die?
What would you regret? Things you haven't done in your life. What?
What I would do:

- not to count things I haven't done in my life
- not going to regret anythings which already passed
- not going to regret any sin, mistakes done

What I would do

- thinking seeing the Lord
- thinking I hope I was right, I believed that I will be with my Lord
- calling all my families, friends, telling them how I love them

I don't want die in regret. If I would die in 5 minutes, I would die in peace.

No regret. Appreciate every little thing you have in life. Sadness, happiness, are part of life. Life your live to the fullest.

After all that I can say yes I am proud of my life, I am happy to meet God. I am not saying that I am purely innocent. No way I have done many unthinkable sinful things. In my own eyes I can't be forgiven. But thank to the Lord that I am not God. Thanks that we have a great God, great Lord.

I will continue my race...