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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

me and a very good friend of me

me: argghhhhhhhhh I am drop death tired sick, etc, etc
he: then see a doctor
me: I dont have time. I have so many deadlines. I have to submit many things this week
he: health is more important
me: I know I will have to make an appointment
== yes in this country you have to make appointment to see a doctor == the problem is how could you plan that you will get sick ==
== 10 minutes later ==
he: got bored here
me: why
he: == so out of the record == cannot be published here ==
me: try you best, melt yourself, break the ice
== 10 minutes later ==
me: Got problem with Christianity
he: why
me: I never admit to anyone that I am a Christian
he: why
me: cause i have a lot of issues with my faith and my life
he: dont get into too deep where you will at the end try to mix Christianity with action. To get salvation through act
me: no, not like that. I have a lot of issues at the moment. Where until I can settle it I wont say I am a Christian. I believe in Jesus yes I do. But I won't tell anyone that I have Christianity as religion. I am trying to build relationship with Him
== 10 minutes later ==
Talk about Extremist Christian people.

We talked really for a long long long time
Somebody called my name at the airport, about a month ago
I turned back. Ohhh that guy. Yike....

me: oh its you
that guy: how are you doing
me: suck, I could have a better day
that guy: Oh I am so sorry
me: Why are you feeling sorry for
that guy: I am sad that you always have a bad day
== information == everytime we meet == he always ask me the same old thing == boring ==
me: You dont have too, I had a bad day at job, but my whole life in a whole is great
that guy: oh okay but then you hate your job
me: No... I love my job. Just today I had a bad day
== then I just ignore the guy ==

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

drop death tired

last week in south germany. This week in France. Next week don't know where. My job is really tiring.

But I love it.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

job job job

Yes I love my job. I am working at the moment in a very famous company. Quiet big and a bit complex due to the history. I wish to work in a whole new company without a long history behind. A long history sometimes not always a good thing, since there always conflict left over not settled until now, or there is a very complex structure of company. Where it makes the company totally unflexible. But there is a good news, the company is doing some transformation. It is not easy but it will be the best for everyone of us. Yes there will be some difficult situation or time but changing is not always easy. We need a good change management principle. Not easy but I believe that we can do that. Yes together we can do that.
Next time I will write a bit of my job. My job connected a lot with trips. I have sooooooo many trips around the world, which I sometimes like it sometimes hate it depending on how tired I am.
80's is cool

totally cool. My goodness I am crazy of 80's but only their songs. I dont like their dress. Yaik. Dont think I can wear something what they wore that time. Just not me.

I am hearing at the moment Bonnie Tyler: Total Eclipse of the heart. This song is fucking cool. Her voice is really deep low for a woman. I can achieve her tone easily. Nothing I can do total eclipse of the heart.

Cool isn't it? This woman was on fire.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

my new ipod

arggghhh I love it. Never knew that I would buy and even like an ipod. But it is really sleek slender and sexy. Watchau Steve Job you are my man. Great job you've done with ipod.
Mine is black like my heart. I like white and black basically I am a very simple guy. Very plain.

Monday, April 09, 2007


I have to whistle for a while. :-D
Basically I am really blessed. Blessed for everything in my life. Can not count all the blessings that I've got. Although I didnt earn them. Yes I shouldnt have been blessed if I see my life. Sad unfortunately my life doesn't reflect the way of a good man. I am not a good man. Far from it.
Just a quote for today through the easter periode. Thank You for everything. Let it not be happened for me to run away from You. Forbid it.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

hour of power

just saw the hour of power channel in MSNBC. Great show for christianity. Love it. And specially the way they brought the message and the music.
Unfortunately the famous name of crystal cathedral was tarnished due to suicide incident in 2004. The most famous conductor of them killed himself due to bipolar stress depodent. Hmmm.
Then there was a discussion if one kill himself can go to heaven. Because they believed that this guy died in peace with a smile and he is a very religious and devoted person to God. What do you think?

Friday, April 06, 2007

About me,

I consider myself as:

- funny
- emotional
- crazy
- hardworker
- serious

Yes a lot of contradiction in me. In some case I am lunatic funny in other case I am totally serious always in focus. That of course make some people confuse how to handle or deal with me.
About my appearance, I dont consider myself as very good looking person. Nope. But my appearance is quiet nice or pleasing. Yes I dont have problem to have this look.
Jump back to my personality. I dont have such a nice guy personality that pleases everyone. Not at all. I am the type of guy that half of the people will hate me totally and half of the people will love me totally. I am not the guy in the middle where people will say: Paul? He is a nice guy. But thats all. About me some people will say very mean thing and some will say very nice thing. Why? Guess this is due to my directness. I am way too direct. I don't use any mask. Cause I feel good with my personality. Nobody can tell me to change to this or to behave to this. I am not going to sacrifice myself to satisfy everyone. No thats not me.
About what I do for living, I love my job. This is what I like. It is crazy job a lot of stress but I like it so much. And yes I am good at my job although still many things to be made better. I am still working at it. For the grace of God I have always been blessed with great bosses. Even from the beginning of my career. Until now I have good relationship with my bosses.

Ok thats all for now.