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Sunday, March 30, 2008

counting my inventory....

I have 27 jackets, 10 of them are leather ones.
7 suits, different collours. The newest (2 of them) are dark brown.
30 ties, different collours and size. The newest are narrow ones.
8 scarfs, 3 of them are from my mom.
4 Belts.
14 pairs of jeans. The newest are from Energy (2 of them)
15 pairs of shoes, 5 of them from Clarks, 3 of them are exactly the same type but different collours.
10 bags (3 backpacks and 7 messenger bags), 7 of them are leather ones.
4 trolleys, different size. Due I travel quiet a lot.

Am I metrosexual?
Dont think so....

I like to wear jeans and suit in the office. Kind of rebellion act....

uncounted shirts, t-shirts.