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Monday, July 30, 2007


ok ok I admit they shaved me for the operation. But I don't recall it at all. Since I was under full anesthetic. Just feeling wierd. To see shaven me. :-D
They also shave my right thight. Thought I don't understand till now why they did that. My theory is that they wanted to try how sharp the razor is, so they tried it first with my thight. :-D

The other story with the anesthetia, the doctor/surgeon was asking me at the beginning, if I wanted to have full or partial. And he told me for this operation usually the patient will get partial one.

But hey its me. I dont want to see what are they doing with my body. So I told them to give me the full one. So I just need to wake up after everything was done.

The other thing is the operation process here is like mass production. You just lie in the queue, come in get cut, and get out. It is so amazing how you can even optimize the operation hall into a profitable and cost efficient process.

yes I am already at home. not so likely isn't it. :-D but I try to relax and get some time off. I still feel some pain from my operation.

Oh yeah I haven't written anything regarding my operation.

So 2 weeks ago I had an operation in my belly. Had somehow polyps in my intestine and the doctor had to cut them out. The operation was great it was efficient (fast and perfect). But the pain after the operation was horrible.

The first 2 days I couldn't take a pee (urinate). It was really scary. I though it will burst due to the pressure. I was so afraid so I talked with the nurse. The nurse said that if this continues, I had to take catheter inside my penis. Thinking of that. I was like OH MY GOD (remember the Janice from Friends :-D) So I tried to concentrate as hard as possible to urinate. It took me about 30 minutes until the water came out (after 4 tries). It was such a relieve. Thinking about catheter forced me to use all of my strength to take a pee.

Remembe He-Man? So I was using all the power from the universe so I can use all my muscle inside my body to force the water moving through the system until the head of my penis.

Thanks God!

Can you imagine that thing inserted inside your penis. Ugghhh. No way. I hate it. It looks like the worst thing ever.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


my old friend called me to wish me happy bday. well not directly it is more belated bday. Since she forgot it on the day.
anyway the conversation is like this:

friend: oh iya gua baru inget kalau loh ulang tahun. Padahal mestinya gua sadar kalau ulang tahun loh itu bener bulan juni. Kan loh gemini. Dan jelas banget karena loh genit.

(it is more or less like this, she apologized for not remember my bday in June, which she should have been known, since it is gemini, and it fits me, because I am flirtatious)

me: he........... (speechless)

am I flirtatious? I don't think so!!!!

oh well not that bad.

Friday, July 27, 2007

my favorite songs

love is, Vanessa Williams feat the one and only Brian McKnight my favorite singer. He is the best. Yo man.

Chris Walker with the only song he ever made it to my ear :-D


hmmm some people asked me, what to do in interview, what answers should be given in interview.

Well my answer is:

there is no the only correct one how to answer, there is no only correct one to score the point.

What I can say is be yourself so you can be relaxing under your own skin, not pretending too much being a silly person, that can not be existing in this life.

But there are several dont's such as:

- never hinting too much, where are you going with your career. Questions such as, what will you do in the next 5 year or three years. If you are applying for a technical or scientifical jobs, never, never answer that in 5 years you want to change into management or something. They want to hire you as technical and scientifical person, they don't want to loose money for your education/training and in 3 years you don't want to work in the same field.

- never underestimate yourself. Be humble. Nope, no way. You are not to humble yourself here. You are selling yourself. But not to overestimate, since it will give a sense that you are lying. To be identified as a liar is the worst thing can ever happen during your interview.

- never showed unprepared. Always make a little research about the job position you are applying and the company. Yes the company. It will show, that you have interest with the company not only looking for money.

- never be in the wrong dress. To keep it safe, wear just a normal interview dress code. For a man suit with tie (normal one please, don't use funny character pattern tie or funny pattern suit). For a lady you can use a normal office dress. Well I am talking about office type work interview.

-never bring your tardyness to the interview. Being late is really really bad. Unless you can come out for something, then you might get away with this mistake. But never use argument like traffic jam. This is not a good argument. Since you have to count on traffic jam for your interview. I always say please be there at least 15 minutes before the appointment. Not only it going save you against the bell, but can: help you in watching the company's condition and environment. help you in preparing your mind by adjusting yourself with the environment.

ok thats all for now, I might add other thing if I have time later.

I was reading some blogs at the moment, because I can not do much things at the moment. :-( Yes I have just been operated for small problem. Due to this operation. I was in the most unproductive time of my life. Can't do anything. Can only lay down and watching talk show. Never knew that Talk Shows are the most embarrassing and the most boring show ever shown. :-D
Anyway I am quiet glad that I almost get back to normal life again. My body is on the recovering tour. This is magnificent. I should thank the doctors (surgeons) and the nurses there. They were great. They were very efficient and very caring to us, the patients.
Most of all to God for let me get through this thing to understand everything is under His control not my control. To just depend on Him totally.