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Sunday, October 19, 2008

who am I

lately feeling like being a small kid inside a metal box.
too busy only to play with himself.
Do not dare to see outside or even to step outside the box.
On the other hand I have been relentless, need to breath, need to get out.
Who am I? I need to know who I really am.
Feeling need to find myself.
Should I leave everything and start to find myself?
What is the use of having many things but loosing your own soul

Sunday, October 12, 2008

being reminded

I made mistakes
a lot
But I will wake up and struggling back.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves

ok let me start

Lazy bump, totally slack. Sometimes after my business travel, just left everything on the floor. Baggage, suits, ties, trousers, etc.

Narcissism, have a very high confidence in my job world. Do not afraid to talk in front of hundred of people. Can talk about anything.

Shy, a bit of contrast. I can be a very shy person. Can shy away and do not talk. Especially to a beautiful woman hahahahaha.

Sarcasm, it is not my intention to be mean. But I am strict if somebody made mistakes he/she has to admit that. So do I. But I can play a very crazy politic in the job world if I have to protect my department. I can crush the enemy

Do more than one thing altogether. Very seldom to find me only doing one thing. I like doing a lot of thing in the same time.

Don't afraid to be in conflict. Did that a lot sometimes on purpose. They call me the crazy asian.

Speedy. They call me hammy from the "over the edge" film. Due that I am really fast in doing anything. Count on me on that.

Because of this. I don't drink coffee. My colleagues do not dare to give me caffeine. They afraid the side effect just like Hammy. :-D hahahahahaha. Yes I am a tee drinker not a coffee. So starbucks? what for? I don't go there. If I go, I only order chocolate

Straight to the point. I don't like bla bla bla talk. I talk directly to the source. For many people I am impolite, don't care about courtessy bla bla bla. Well that's me I don't give respect to people just because they are older than me. To get respect from me you have to earn that.

Centre of Attention, yeah as you see I like to be the centre of the universe. Hahahahahaha just joking. I am not that narcissistic guy.

I hope its already 10. If not added another time. It is too early in the morning here. Get back to sleep now..

Friday, October 03, 2008

the meanest mom on earth

I have to give his woman my standing ovation. She is a great mom. I should think all mom should do the same thing like what she did. It takes a man with balls to do that. For her it takes a lady with a charm and wit to do that.
My mom is a great mom too. She won't sleep until I get home. One time I slacking around and busy in a party till very late. My mom called all my friends in my telephone book list. So you should imagine how embarrassed I was the next day in school. But I knew she did that because of love.