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Monday, April 17, 2006

Perang dunia ke-3

Bener-bener deh apakah ini adat orang Indo ataukah ini adat wanita. Sorry not against woman. They are the beauty of this world. But some characteristic of indonesian woman is just sometimes unbearable.

The positive thing about my life. I dont get mingle too much with indonesian people. Only a part of my life is with them. Not that I lost my nationality feeling or something like that. I hold on to what I believe till today, that I have to mingle with anyone disregarding their believes, race, or nations. I like to have friends from anywhere in this world.

Ok lets get back to the main issue. Anyway as I wrote before that temporary I live in a very small city or should I say a village :-D this is also not against village, city, or something like that. I am just a big city boy. I like being surrounded with people and having fun. Here live about 6 indonesian students. Which most of them are women or should I say girls. :-D. Me myself not belong to the group cause I am not a student and I dont really feel accepted amont the clique. :-D

OK the 6 students. One of them, let me named her Fia, talked a bad thing about the other, Dea, to two others Vivi and Hidayat. BTW Hidayat is a guy. Fia believed that she actually had a good intention to tell Vivi the real Dea. Dea was or is a good friend to Vivi. They like to go out together, shopping or the thing that girls like to do. If you know what I mean. Anyway Vivi told Dea about these things. Of course Dea was exploding to Fia. And Fia told the rest about the scandal. The rest somehow took side to Fia. It was because a long history between Dea and the rest of the clique. Now the whole community is changed, there is no occassion where all of them can meet together.

It is the second cold war. So after the second world war there was cold war. Then after the third world war now there is the second cold war. If you get my point :-D

Now the analysis. Why, how could this happen? Actually I dont give a damn about this whole shitty thing going on like this. Why just cant people especially these people mind their own business. And just keep on going with their own lifes. Come on there are already so many problems in this world. Why would people interfere with other people's life.
But still I will try to analyze it.

All of them did to what I believe mistakes. Fia should not do the bad talk about other people. Vivi should not open a new wound to Dea. And Dea should not care about these things. The rest of the clique should just continue with their life. What can I do with this situation is basically nothing. The wound can only be healed with time. It is not that I am a saint without sinn or mistakes. Everyone of us made or make mistakes. But this is the thing that can actually be hindered from the beginning. Just so weird now with the group.

ARRRRGGGGHHHHH GIRLS mind your own business okay. :-D hehehehehehe
kemarin gua ke Salzburg. Kota di Austria deket perbatasan dengan Jerman. Gua harus akui kota ini benar- benar indah. Gua bahkan rela untuk tinggal disana kalau saja ada perusahaan yang bisa mempekerjakan gua disana.
Kotanya terbagi dua oleh sungai Salzach yang berwarna hijau. Kotanya sukit dilukiskan. Akan gua coba untuk upload beberapa foto. Picture can say more than a thousand words. Of course picture cost more than a thousand words in pixel. :-D
So kota ini tempat kelahiran Mozart. Semua serba Mozart dari boneka Mozart sampai rambut palsu Mozart dijual disana. Disana ada wax museum, istana/benteng yang lumayan terjaga kelestariannya, garden yang hijau, gereja-gereja yang dari segi artisticnya harus gua puji, traditional marketnya yang exciting, wah apa lagi yah. Well suatu saat gua akan ke sana lagi. Totally beautiful city.
my first entry yeah yeah yeah.
gua terinspirasi oleh beberapa blogger seperti noldie, deddie, shimone, etc. Intinya adalah gua ingin belajar menulis karena gua nggak bakat dalam menulis kecuali dalam bikin presentasi yang temen-temen gua bilang gua adalah powerpoint engineer he he he.
Hari ini gua nggak kemana-mana alias bengong di kota yang menyebalkan ini. BTW gua hidup di kota yang kecil dan bagi gua a bit boring. Kota ini terletak di tengah-tengah eropa dan penduduknya cuma 100 ribuan saja. ARRGGHHH. Biar gimana gua udah tinggal dikota ini hampir 2 tahun. Nggak nyangka awalnya kalau gua bisa bertahan 2 tahun. Dulu bisa mikir satu tahun aja udah bingung. Untungnya gua cukup banyak kenalan dan teman disini. Tapi gua akan balik ke kota yang jauh lebih besar, yang dulu gua tinggalin, untuk kembali kerja disana. Hua ha ha ha cant wait for that. Akhirnya gua akan meninggalkan kota ini. Yuppie.