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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

never let go of me o Lord
I am really afraid that I will be separated from You o Lord.
Give me strength and power to humble before You.
My heart is yearning for You
Remember me o Lord
Come and fill me o Lord

Monday, September 14, 2009

from a friend of mine

God has made souls and He let them met in heaven face to face
and let them got introduced and told them this is your missing rib...
you both will be sent on earth in different families, different people

And one day you will meet each other and will fall for each other
No matter how you meet
No matter how you will find each other
but you will...
and then you both will recognise each other and will be in the relationship

So she is there somewhere
She will come to me herself when that would be the time
No matter how...
No matter where...
but when it will be the time
She will walk and will be in front of me
And my soul will recognise her....
That yes... this is my missing rib.

Yes my friend is truly talented. She can touch others with her word and her painting. A truly good friend. Her name is Stella....