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Sunday, January 27, 2008

today in the church

there was communion, I was sitting upstair. So most of the people got down to get the communion. One guy was asking when would the servicer come upstair. I told him, that would not be the case, since the lady already told us to get downstair.
And he was like:
if they were trying to do like that, they should close the upper area of the church
I was like: hallo why are you complaining to me (inside my heart), because basically I didn't care about his complain.
I didnt take the communion because I felt that I was not clean before God.........
Marketing trick!

an old guy (not really old) approached me and asking for an opinion:

1. I need an answer/opinion.
2. Do you like to read

well this is the catch, if you said yes I like to read. You are already fall into the trap. He will continue, if you like to read then you will be interested to know about bla bla bla bla......

so my suggestion -do what I did

1. do you like to read
2. no not at all.

I swear, never been in such situation before.
kind of culture conflict.
Thought that I already known all about the culture where I live. Well it turned out I have not.
One woman invited me to a birthday. In my culture if somebody invite you to a birthday, its got to be his/her birthday. But in this case it is only a birthday of her friend.
My goodness. If this was already known so, I wouldn't spend my time for this stupid thing. Really waste of time. I didnt want to use my time for such a thing. Stupid really stupid....
Well next time whenever anyone invite me for a birthday party. The first questions are:
1. whose birthday
2. where
3. what kind of style.