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Sunday, August 05, 2007

So I got the idea while I was reading my favorite blog from Miund

I look like Bob Marley


2nd try

now I look like Vin Diesel. Oh yeah want to brag, this is the photo, when I was flying with the first class. First time ever for me to enjoy this priviledge. :-D

now the third time,


Since it changes all the time, I think this face recognition feature doesn't really work.
funny scene from friends,

when Chandler BING invited his mom and his dad for the pre wedding dinner.

Chandler has a very bad childhood. His mom molested him, such as she was the first to put condom to him. His dad has sex change.

So the talk went like this:

Aren't you too old to wear a dress like that
don't you have too much penis to wear a dress like that



lolita sex scene from friends:

ouuhh daddy getting angry
daddy gonna spank me

my goodness Phoebe was so hillarious, she made fool of Ross regarding using mommy daddy wording.